Team silver. and eighth place ind. at the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. 2x bronze medals (1979 and 1981) and silver in the JMP (1983). He won the Grand Prix competitions at CSIO in Olsztyn (1981), Sopot (1983) and Plovdiv (1984).

Bremen was born on March 6, 1970 at the Kozienice Stud Farm. His mother was Bremen and his father was Kemal. Bremen probably inherited his jumping abilities both from his mother, who was the daughter of Dar es Salam - Nearco's son, and from his father, who was the great-grandson of the same Nearco. There were many good sports horses from this pedigree combination (Blekot, Brom, Brzeszczot, Via Vitae). Normally - as it happens with Thoroughbreds - Bremen went to the race track in Warsaw, to the "Kozienice" stable. He did not run even once and in the fall of 1972 he returned to the stud farm with the diagnosis: "broken into pieces" - he is not fit for running.

So he went to a local club and was used in the school for several months. In 1973, Wojciech Prasek started riding it. From the very beginning, Bremen showed a desire to jump. The following people took part in it: Wiesław Dziadczyk, Jarosław Płatos, Paweł Dziadczyk. In the European Junior Championships in 1977, Jarosław Płatos took sixth place in Bremen.

(…) The trip to the Olympics that every athlete dreams of has finally arrived. At the last moment before the decisive start, a surprising decision - Bremen will represent Poland, but with a different player. When I entered the box and took Bremen by the neck, I had the impression that he alone knew what I was going through, that he too was surprised by the coach's decision to separate us after so many hardships preparing for the Olympics. He expressed this by taking 33,25 penalty points in the first round of the Nations Cup. However, he completed the second turn with only one mistake, which largely contributed to the Polish team winning the silver medal. I was happy that I could, sitting in my room in front of the TV in the Olympic town, hear the applause and see everyone eagerly patting him and posing for photos with him. I knew that I had a part in this success, something no one ever wanted to notice (…)

Author: Bohdan Sas-Jaworski
"Memories of Bremen" (1985) - Bohdan Sas-Jaworski

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"Memories of Bremen" (1985) - Bohdan Sas-Jaworski

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